C R A F T  H A I R D R E S S I N G

Welcome to Blood Moon, we’re a restless bunch of radical hair stylists. 


Tired of the typical salon experience? We’re like night and day. We looked to our clients to ask what they would change. It turned out to be the same things we would; to give you an experience which feels unrushed, personal and most importantly, makes you feel listened to.

Blood Moon a offers private salon space for independent stylists to work their magic, in the best possible environment.

Just as much as you don’t want your hair to look like everyone else’s out there, we don’t want wander sleeplessly through life making carbon copy cuts every day. We’re committed to giving you an original look, that suits you.

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- Currently not accepting new clients - 

Creator of Blood Moon, Cerys set out to create a salon space that was better for both the client and the hairdresser. 

Specialising in natural blondes and “sun kissed” colours, (don’t let the bright hair fool you). Her favourite colours are those so effortless, they could be natural. 

She’s also a big experimenter, if you’re up for anything new, she’d love to work with you!

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 - Currently not accepting new clients -

Adele lives for creative colouring, but cannot go without a beautiful set of classic highlights.

As a certified Colour Specialist, she’ll go above and beyond to ensure your colour is perfectly executed.


Adele is a listener; whether its a vivid rainbow or a beautiful blonde, It’s important to Adele that your colour is manageable between appointments and will always go through your options prior to colouring.




Non-binary pricing,

based on the length of

your hair at the start of

your appointment.

Short Haircut £34

”cropped, pixie, above the ear” etc

Mid Length Haircut £39

”bob, long bob, below the ear” etc

Long Haircut £44

”long long hair, most haircuts below shoulder” etc


Non-binary pricing,

based on the amount of

colouring required.


All pricing given upon 


No two clients are the same, and neither are our colours, therefore we cannot list our prices on a single webpage.


Prices are given on a one on one basis, with your chosen stylist, during your initial consultation.



Maintenance colour appointments start at £50

New Clients/Colour Changes are priced on a half/full daily rate.




All colour appointments are subject to an up to date skin test, which will need to be carried out no later than 48hrs prior to the service.


We understand childcare can be difficult, but with hygiene at the forefront of our priorities, we ask that you come alone. Due to the size of our salon, we are unable to accommodate any more than those who have booked appointments


Please arrive with a face mask to enter.

You will be required to wear a mask during your appointment, one will be provided


To reduce the spread of infection, we won't be handling cash payments until further notice.


We respectfully ask that you reschedule your appointment if you experience any illness symptoms. Bringing any illness to the salon could result in us needing to close. Please be considerate and reschedule if necessary.


Appointment times will be staggered to optimise the flow in and out of the salon. Please refrain from arriving too early or late for your appointment


We can offer you a drink with your appointment, this will be in a recyclable one use cup.


Please keep 2 metres from other customers.

We can only have 3 customers in the salon at one time.



Our commitment to being Green

One of our core values is to be a sustainable salon; to create beautiful work whilst leaving the least amount behind as we can. Hairdressing is tough on the planet as we use a lot of chemicals and there is a lot of waste produced from our work.

We've joined the Green Salon Collective who help us recycle the majority of our salon waste, including hair-cuttings, metals, our PPE and towels. What waste isn't sent to them to be repurposed, is recycled locally.

The retail we sell is pro active, eco-ethical brand weDo. Owned by Wella, weDo have ensured their packaging is responsibly sourced and fully recyclable. The product ingredients are between 93%-97% naturally derived, so better for your hair, skin and plug hole.

Although we are making a good effort with our sustainabitlity, there's always room for improvement. If you have any suggestions for us or recommendations, please let us know!