COVID - 19

As a salon we are currently closed, but the Blood Moon party never stops! 

Join us on Instagram for live streams, how to's and isolation hair survival tips.

We've also started an online store, for those wanting to support us through these scary times, you can purchase vouchers for you redeem at your next appointment!


C R A F T  H A I R D R E S S I N G

Welcome to Bloodmoon, we’re a restless bunch of radical hair stylists. We specialise in colouring and cutting hair, in fact they’re the only services we offer! By keeping it simple, we're able to do it well.

Tired of the typical salon experience? We’re like night and day. We looked to our clients to ask what they would change. It turned out to be the same things we would; to give you an experience which feels unrushed, personal and most importantly, makes you feel listened to.

Just as much as you don’t want your hair to look like everyone else’s out there, we don’t want wander sleeplessly through life making carbon copy cuts every day. We’re committed to giving you an original look, that suits you.


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Blood Moon, 42 Fishergate, York, YO10 4AB

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