We don't mean to be a hard ass ... but we have a few house policies.

- We don't take deposits for appointments, but we kindly ask for 48hrs notice before cancelling an appointment. (We will provide a reminder text 3 days before your appointment just in case).

- If you don't turn up to your first appointment with us without providing any notice, we unfortunately won't be able to offer you any further appointments.

We take our time seriously and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to come in. And not to mention it's a little rude!

- A weird one, but if the weather forecast/temperature exceeds 30C we will need to reschedule any appointments for that day and we will be closed. Not only does the heat effect the colour results, but it's very uncomfortable for everyone!

- If you've had a colour with us, great! But if it's been coloured elsewhere in-between or by yourself, we will need to reconsult prior to colouring it again. This is to ensure we are still able to complete the desired result without complications.

- Loyalty cards cannot be redeemed in December.

- We can't consult via email/social media and cannot accept photos of your hair in place of a face to face consultation.

okay, boring bit over!


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