not your average salon price list



In order for us to carry our your service, we need use the following PPE. For us to supply these, we're asking for a contribution towards these costs which will be added to each appointment.

Face Mask

One Use Gown


Hand Sanitiser

Disposable Towel


Wash & Cut services - 

Short Haircut £36

(All hair cuts that are above your shoulder, or very fine longer hair)

Long Haircut £44

(All haircuts below your shoulder, or very thick shorter hair)

Interim Tidy Up £15

(An in-between service for very short hair. Perfect for super short cuts that are high maintenance, without breaking the bank! Doesn't include a wash service)

You won't find gendered pricing here, Male or Female, your prices will be the same.


Lusi // Cerys & Adele

30 Minutes - £32 // £39

45 Minutes - £40 // £48

60 Minutes - £49 // £56

75 Minutes - £56 // £64

90 Minutes - £62 // £72

Consultations - free

All colour prices are given on an individual basis during our free consultations, as all appointments are based on the time you need to spend with us.

All new colour clients require a consultation with us in person; this allows us to skin test you, and tailor the service to you and your hair's unique needs.

(We are unable to accept photos of your hair in place of a face to face consultation)


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